Staff and Collaborators 

Crows Calling operates as a collective of individuals dedicated to supporting youth. We draw upon the the diversity of education, experience, talent, and heart amongst our community collaborators to provide experiences appropriate to the needs of the youth we are serving. Youth we have mentored in the past will often return to help create and lead experiences for other young people. 

Rob Steffke is the founder of Crows Calling and provides the individual therapy and mentoring to youth and families. Rob has worked with youth for the past 20 years as a teacher, guide, mentor, and therapist. Rob co-founded the San Luis Sober School, an alternative high school program that supports young people struggling with substance abuse. He has helped to design and implement youth mentoring programs in several California locations. Rob is a speaker and consultant in the areas of adolescent addiction, youth mentoring, and alternative treatment modalities. He holds a B.S. and Secondary Teaching Credential from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and a Master's in Counseling Psychology from Meridian University. Rob works with youth, adults, and families as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #90265.


Crows Calling provides a space where younger and older come together in service to the wisdom that each holds as a member of a greater community. We support young people as they connect with the vision they hold for their lives, with "vision" meaning the particular and unique combination of gifts, talents, dreams, and capacities that each person holds.

Our youth is a time when, through experience, we seek a vision for our lives and the role we play within the world around us. It is a time when we naturally turn to the greater community for modeling, education, inspiration, and support. In the absence of such a community that sees us, guides us, and challenges us to live the vision within, we face a void that can pull us toward behaviors that are are limiting, maladaptive, or harmful.

I believe that the most effective way to address the concurrent needs of our culture/civilization and our youth is to create means through which our youth can explore and refine the visions they carry, while at the same time helping them develop the skills and capacities needed to offer their dreams in a real way. We must shift from asking our youth to limit their visions to asking culture to grow to be able to encompass the possibilities that are emerging through them.