PASSAGE- Teen Wilderness program

Passage is a 3 or 5-month wilderness therapy model that synthesizes away-from-home nature immersions with therapeutic support from a Licensed MFT while back at home. Our Passage programs are designed to foster the expansion and transformation of wilderness immersion experiences while integrating (over the course of several months) their growth into everyday life. 

Passage is ideal for youth who may be considering or returning from traditional wilderness therapy programs and are seeking a model that allows participants to integrate growth over time while staying connected to their lives at home.

While sharing many similarities with traditional wilderness therapy programs, the design of Passage allows teens the opportunity to integrate the growth they are experiencing into their home lives to lessen the disparity between who they are during immersions and who they are at home. The combination of wilderness immersions with individual and family therapeutic support creates the means for the program to effect positive change for the entire family. 

 Throughout the course, participants are guided as they develop a greater belief in their abilities, their worth, and develop the skills and capacities they need to move past limiting thoughts and behaviors to step more fully into their lives.

This program meets the need that teens have to be challenged, tested, mentored, and supported by an authentic community that welcomes the gifts they often hide behind the social mask.    

Participants of the 5-month course have the option to continue therapeutic support and participate in future nature-immersions as participant-leaders once the course has ended. 

Next Course Begins February 2018


Weekend Immersions

Monthly 3-6 day retreats (mostly over weekend days) with a cohort of peers that focus on inquiries specific to the phase of the journey that they are on. Immersions include opportunities for youth to engage in transformative experiences while learning how to form genuine and supportive relationships with peers and adults.

One to One Therapeutic-Mentoring Sessions 

Bi-weekly individual sessions with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist or Coach (LMFT) that dovetails with Immersion Weekends. One to one sessions help participants apply and deepen what they are discovering in the course as they seek to live what they are discovering in their home environment. 

Parent Support Conferences

Once per month online workshops that provide education, tools, and support to parents so they can best understand and engage in the process of growth that is happening for their child. Parent workshops focus on a specific learning piece while allowing parents to stay up to date with what their child is experiencing. They also provide opportunities for parents to share their challenges and successes and receive feedback specific to their situation. 

Individual Family Support (optional)

Individualized parent support sessions with an LMFT where parents can talk about what's happening at home and gain skills, tools, and understanding to best support their child as they navigate the passage from adolescence towards adulthood. 

TOTAL COST- $8,600 (sliding scale and scholarships available upon request)


  • 20 Immersion Days

    • Four 3-dayMonthly Immersion Weekends and one 6-Day Summer Immersion

  • Bi-Weekly Participant Integration Session with therapist/coach

  • 5 Monthly Parent Workshop-Videoconference

Scholarship program

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