I offer both in office and out of office sessions through my practice as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. 


I have found that individual sessions with teens are often enhanced by engagement in the greater world of nature and community. Out-of-office sessions take on a mentoring feel that can allow youth who are resistant to the idea of traditional therapy a way to access therapy. 

Crows Calling also offers immersion experiences, and boys groups that dovetail with individual therapy and mentoring sessions. By working together individually and during group immersion experiences, the therapeutic relationship is enhanced and young people are provided opportunities to learn through experience that is rooted in reflection.

Therapy, Therapeutic Mentoring

$125- office-based session

$145- beyond the office session

*I am able to accept California Health and Wellness insurance plans

Monthly Therapy/Immersion Combination

Monthly Therapy/Immersion combines individual therapeutic support, and group nature immersion experiences to provide young people with the opportunity to meet challenge and discover themselves within a variety of complementary contexts. 


  • Individual and Family Support Sessions: one-to-one sessions with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist that focus on helping clients develop awareness and gain insight into themselves while developing the freedom to act from the authentic drives each person carries.
  • Group Nature Immersion: day or weekend long experiential groups that foster engagement with the greater world of nature, community, and culture as the means for developing the skills and confidence to move from purposed action. 

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