to Jul 22

Sierra Summer Immersions-Leadership Training #3 (4 day backpack)

This, the third gathering of the training, will be wilderness-based with some hiking and an extended period of solo time. Participants will be taking a solo overnight to tend a "fire" while they reflect on questions they have come up with.

Focus: Offering my gifts in a clear way. What is the nature of personal "gifts"? How does life change when we live from purpose? What practices help me to stay in touch with who I am?

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to Jul 14

Sierra Summer Immersions-Leadership Training #2 (3 day camping)

This, the second of our Summer Immersions gatherings, will be a 2-night, 3-day trip along the Sierra Crest. There will be moderate hiking, group and individual activities, and time for adventure, and exploration. 

Focus: Qualities of authentic leadership. What is service-oriented leadership?  What gifts do I have to offer in service to the whole? What keeps me from offering my gifts? 

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10:30 AM10:30

Sierra Summer Immersions-Leadership Training #1 (Daylong)

This daylong outing will be a chance for participants to meet one another and orient to the course. The outing will involve a modest hike near the Sierra Crest with opportunities for group activities and reflection time. 

Focus: Personal Biography. What do I know about myself? What experiences have made me who I am? What are my strenghts and challenges? 

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to Apr 15

Passage-Weekend 3


Description: This will be our final immersion weekend. Activities will combine outdoor challenge, solo reflection, and group inquiry. Throughout the weekend we will build upon the activities of the previous months with a particular focus on how we integrate what we've learned throughout the course as a gift to our communities. 

Focus Topic: Living within a greater community. What do I offer the world around me? What challenges do I face in my community, family, or school life? How do my gifts and vision benefit the community that I am a part of? 

Parent Workshop Focus: Motivation and a sense of purpose. Supporting understanding that I have something valuable to contribute to my world. 

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to Mar 10

Passage-Weekend 2


Description: This weekend will continue with the activities and processes from Immersion Weekend 1 while adding additional self-reflective questions. Activities will include: adventure, challenge, solo reflection, and group inquiry. We will deepen the biography work and inquiry practices that we began during the first weekend. 

Focus Topic: Relating to challenge. How do we relate to our challenges? How do we develop the capacity to be with our hardships without becoming self-destructive? How do we grow through our struggles?

Parent Workshop: Fostering the ability meet challenge. Supporting the development of distress tolerance and the capacities of courage, willingness, and resiliency.  


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to Feb 18

Passage-Weekend 1


Description: This home-base weekend will introduce the elements of the program and will engage in activities to familiarize the group with practices that we will use throughout the course. Activities will include self and group reflection, introductory biography work, hiking, nature immersion, and group cohesion activities including group cooking and group gear.

Focus Topic Relating to the selfWho am I? What do I care about? What are my gifts? How do I limit myself? 

Parent Workshop: The foundations of resiliency. Supporting our children's growth through understanding, curiosity, and empathy. 


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to Jan 1

Backcountry Snow Hut (December or Jan)

This is a chance to experience the backcountry in the winter while staying in a warm hut at night.

The trip will consist of a snowshoe hike into a backcountry snow hut that is equipped with a kitchen and woodburning stove where you’ll spend one night. During the day we will explore the snowy landscape of the Sierra crest.

*Trip dates will vary depending on hut availability. 

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to Oct 8

2 Day Backpacking-Desolation Wilderness

October 7th-8th (overnight)- Desolation Wilderness

This will be a 2-day, 1-night backpacking trip into Desolation Wilderness. The route provides an opportunity to climb to the top of Dick's Peak which affords great views of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Crest. Depending on the weather this will be a shift to slightly colder conditions allowing us to see how preparations change given conditions. 

Trip Cost: $425 (partial and full scholarships available)

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9:00 AM09:00

Day Long Hike-Tinker Nob (Sierra Crest)

We will start from Donner Summit (Lake Mary) and hike along the ridgeline behind Sugar Bowl out to Tinker Nob. This will be a somewhat challenging hike due to moderate elevation gain and the overall mileage. The view from the top of Tinker Nob is pretty spectacular and well worth the effort to get there. 

Trip Cost: $200 (partial and full scholarships available)

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to Aug 6

Sierra Immersion Backpacking Weekend 2

This is the second of our two summer backpacking immersions that combine outdoor engagement, solo reflection, and personal and group inquiry. We will be hiking into Desolation Wilderness for a 3-day, 2-night.

We will focus on the questions:

How have I grown in the past months? How can I continue on the path that I have started? How do I offer my gifts to my greater community in an authentic way?

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to Jun 18

Sierra Immersion Backpacking Weekend 1

This is the first of two summer backpacking immersion trips. We will be hosting a small group of teens for a 3-day, 2-night trip n the Grouse Ridge area. There will be opportunities for group and solo reflection, on and off trail exploration, and some challenge type activities.

We will focus on the questions:

Who am I? What are my gifts and strengths? How do I relate to my challenges?

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6:00 PM18:00

Parent/Youth Worker Talk-Supporting Youth Facing Challenge

Supporting Youth Facing Challenge

Fostering deep resilience and understanding the roots of harmful behaviors

This talk and mini workshop is for parents, mentors, therapist, teachers and anyone who cares for a teen who is facing challenge


  • The roots of harmful behaviors such as substance abuse/addiction, self-harm, and suicidal ideation
  • How our responses send messages that can drive youth deeper into maladaptive behaviors
  • Creating a culture of care that promotes resilience
  • Helping teens discover their purpose and find meaning in their lives  
  • Recognizing shame as a barrier to change
  • Setting boundaries that are helpful and healthy
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to Oct 2

Grouse Ridge Fall Backpacking

The trip will consist of a moderate hike that will lead to some high mountain lakes on day one, followed by a cross country hike over a rock pass into the 5-lakes basin. The trip will combine adventure, challenge, solo reflection, and group inquiry.


Relating to challenge. How do we relate to our challenges? How do we develop the ability to be with hardship? What happens when we develop the capacity to meet our difficulties without fleeing? How to we find balance between movement and stillness? What is the value of rest and integration?  

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to Sep 25

Yosemite-Immersion Weekend 1

A mixed gender trip for teens that will combine adventure and awe inspiring experience with stillness and self-reflection. We will explore off-the-beaten-path places in Yosemite that few people visit. There will be opportunities for adventurous exploration as well as mellow meandering and solo time.  


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to Aug 5

Boy's Desolation Wilderness Backpacking

For teen boys ages 15-19.

This moderate 2 night 3-day trip will focus on questions of: Who am I?, What do I offer my world? and What does it mean to embody masculinity in a mature way?

There will be opportunities for off trail exploration including a summit of Dick's Peak (one of the fabulous viewpoints in the Desolation) and a ridge line traverse. 


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