Types of PaRent support offered:

  • Parent support within a program

  • Parent workshops

  • Family sessions with parent and child

Without the proper understanding and tools it can be difficult to know how to help our children as they face challenge and undergo life changes. Parent support sessions and workshops help parents to understand the process of growth that is happening for their child as they learn communication strategies, and tools to support them as they move towards adulthood. 


Our parent courses operate from a Messages of Resilience model that helps create the foundation for youth to move beyond limiting or maladaptive ways of being or acting. The model was born of many years of listening to youth describe the reasons they remain “stuck”, “apathetic”, “paralyzed”, “self-destructive”, or “checked-out”.

As youth develop a sense that they are understood and cared for, that they have the capacity to face the challenges of their lives, and that there is a reason and purpose that animates them they become more likely to recognize where they limiting themselves and move through and beyond these limiting ways.

I work with parents to find the right balance between understanding and expectations. Youth need to know that the adults in their lives are willing to lovingly hold them accountable to a greater version of themselves that we can see even when they don't. I also support parents in looking at the areas where they are playing out patterns that are creating the opposite of what they actually desire. Stepping out of the day to day and looking at where things have gotten off track can help families to re-align with the greater parts of who they want to be with and for one another.