PASSAGE- Teen Wilderness program

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Passage is a 3 or 5-month experiential therapy model that synthesizes away-from-home nature wilderness immersions with therapeutic support while back at home. This program meets the need that teens have to learn through experience as they are challenged, tested, seen, and supported by a community that welcomes their gifts.

Our Passage program is ideal for youth who seek the transformation of wilderness immersion experiences while integrating (over the course of many months) their growth into everyday life. While sharing many similarities with traditional wilderness therapy programs, the design of Passage seeks to lessen the disparity between Wilderness Immersions and home life. Without integrative experiences the transformation of the “trail” can be difficult to bring home.

The combination of wilderness immersions with individual and family therapeutic support creates the means for the program to effect positive change for the entire family system. 

Participants of the 5-month course have the option to continue therapeutic support and participate in future nature-immersions as participant-leaders once the course has ended.

Our Model of Resilience:

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Our three tiered approach helps youth develop:

A Vision for their lives to motivate and guide them on their way.

The Skills and Capacities that make it possible to meet the challenges that they face.

The tools and community support needed for Implementation of their vision.

Program Elements:

Wilderness Immersions

Monthly 3-6 day retreats (mostly over weekend days) with a cohort of peers that focus on inquiries specific to the phase of the journey that they are on. Immersions include opportunities for youth to engage in transformative experiences while learning how to form genuine and supportive relationships with peers and adults.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions with a LMFT that utilize therapeutic treatment modalities (including Brainspotting) to help participants heal from, re-story, and transform past wounding and trauma.

One to One Integration Sessions 

Bi-weekly individual sessions with a Therapist or Coach that support youth in integrating what they are learning during Wilderness Immersions into their life at home. Our approach believes that past hardship can often become a catalyst for who we become.

Parent Support Conferences

Once per month online workshops that provide education, tools, and support to parents. Parent workshops focus on a specific learning piece that parallels the experiences that youth participants are having. Parent support conferences also provide opportunities for parents to share their challenges and successes at home and receive feedback specific to their situation. 

Individual Family Support (optional)

Individualized parent support sessions with an LMFT where parents can share directly what's happening at home and gain skills, tools, and understanding to best support their child as they navigate the passage from adolescence towards adulthood. 

Next Course Begins February 2018